Gronk and Charlotte McKinney Star in Funny or Die’s “A Gronking to Remember” (Video)


You knew it was just a matter of time before someone took the jokes about the Rob Gronkowski fan-fiction A Gronking to Remember to the next level. That someone was Funny or Die. And because it was Funny or Die, they were able to score Gronk himself alongside actress/model/hottie Charlotte McKinney for a delightful re-enactment of the story.

It’s truly one for the ages.

Even funnier than the actual re-enactment is the opening clip that features a somber, suit-clad Gronk introducing himself. “Hi. I’m Rob Gronkowski.”

It’s so…weird. Like seeing a dolphin crossing the street or something. I mean, what happened to Yo Soy Fiesta? I want Yo Soy Fiesta back. Fortunately, it’s all in the name of comedy, so I doubt that Gronk has gone too far towards adulthood for our tastes.

Here’s the clip. Get Gronked.

That truly was a Gronking that I’ll never forget. His life must just be amazing.

“Hi Rob, it’s Funny or Die. We would like to fly you to our studios to pretend to have an affair with a really hot model. Oh, and we’ll make it hilarious.”


At some point, he has to remember he’s a football player and check in with the Pats, right?

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