This Ronda Rousey Super Saiyan GIF Is Surprisingly True to Life

ronda rousey super saiyan gif

UFC champ Ronda Rousey is a force of nature who lays waste to anything and anyone that happens to cross her path. Just ask Cat Zingano. Back in February she lost to Rousey at UFC 184 in 14 seconds.

That victory was a new personal record for Rousey. But it didn’t beat her previous mark by much. In her previous fight at UFC 175 last July, it took Rousey just 16 seconds to destroy Alexis Davis.

So like I said, Ronda Rousey is a force of nature. And now somebody out there on the internet—specifically reddit user noise_filter—has gone and made a GIF of Rousey going Super Saiyan on Alexis Davis.

Now, if you’re new to the internet, you may be wondering what the hell “going Super Saiyan” means. So I’ll tell you. It’s a reference to a famous Japanese comic series called Dragon Ball Z, in which certain members of an alien race called Saiyan have the ability to transform into incredibly powerful Super Saiyan who are capable of defeating any opponent.

So you see, it actually does sound a lot like Rousey—who, by the way, is actually a huge Dragon Ball Z fan.

Take a look:

ronda rousey super saiyan gif

I know this isn’t real, but it captures the essence of reality. If I were Beth Correia I’d be very, very worried.

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