AARP Fires Back at Tiger Woods Over Retirement Comment

AARP Tiger Woods

Prior to the start of the 2015 British Open Championship, Tiger Woods was asked about his thoughts on retirement. He responded with the following quip:

“Retirement? Uh, I don’t have an AARP card yet, so…”

Here’s the video:

In case you’re wondering exactly what the AARP is, here’s a description of what they do, according to their website:

AARP fights for age 50 and over individuals and their families at the local, state and national levels. We work on important issues, such as:

– Leading efforts to strengthen Social Security and promote other retirement savings efforts to help everyone achieve lifetime financial security

– Promoting adequate, affordable health care, including prescription drugs and long-term care

– Fostering communities with affordable and appropriate housing, as well as supportive community features and options for getting around

Recent advocacy victories include saving residential consumers a combined $3 billion on utility bills in 2012 and 2013.

Tiger would then go on to shoot a first-round 76 (4-over) at the Open Championship on Thursday, and the AARP saw that as an opportunity to fire back at Woods:

Tiger Woods 1, AARP 1.

We’ll see how this one plays out over the weekend.

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