The Gronkowski Family Had Some Fun at the ESPY’s (Video)

Gronkowski family

What that headline doesn’t tell you is that the Gronkowski family has fun EVERYWHERE. They just happened to be at the ESPY’s last night. In usual fashion, 80% of the band of brothers showed up last night. And they were, predictably, totally ridiculous.

First off, they photobombed Rob on the red carpet:

I’m not sure what’s more ridiculous:┬áThe Gronkowski family or the fact that they have a red carpet at the ESPY’s. I suppose it’s a tie.

Then, they reacted to Gronk winning “Comeback Athlete of the Year” with this little celebratory move:

Fan-tastic. I think these guys should have to attend every awards show. I mean, if they could have this much fun at the ESPY’s, imagine how much fun they’d have at the Golden Globes, where they can drink!

These guys are just the best.

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