Two Dads Fight Each Other after Kids Softball Tourney (Video)

dads fight

There’s little in this world that shakes faith in humanity like watching overly-aggressive parents go after kids or each other at their kids’ sporting events. Unless the other kid was directly trying to harm your kid, I can’t imagine an instance where it’s warranted.

We don’t know the specifics of why these two dads fight each other after this softball tourney in Maryland, and we really don’t need to know. I doubt the answer is satisfactory.

Here’s the interaction/altercation between the two aggro dads:

Sadly, there aren’t any crazy finishing moves or Mortal Kombat-type fatalities. Just a couple dads exorcising their suburban ennui by rolling around in the dirt. Hopefully, there daughters weren’t around to see this display, but since we’re talking about it on the Internet a few days later, it’s likely that they’ll find out what their dads were up to one way or another.



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