A.J. Hawk Nearly Kills a Man at a Golf Tournament (Video)

A.J. Hawk

Last year, some misguided, possibly suicidal fan at a golf tournament asked A.J. Hawk to tackle him. A.J., being an accommodating soul, was happy to oblige.

The exact same thing happened this year, and, man, did A.J. lay this dude out. It’s nice to know that players don’t forget form or follow-through while they’re doing charity work and/or golfing.

What probably hurt as much as the impact from Hawk was getting upended, only to land on a water bottle. That could leave a mark. Or sever your spine.

Take a look, and be glad you have more sense than this guy:

Something tells me that the fan will be ok. His tribal tattoo conveys his toughness.

If fans keep asking for this, it’s only a matter of time before he gets amped up enough to ACTUALLY remove a fan’s head. That would be pretty fun, wouldn’t it?

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