5’8″ Cowboys WR Cole Beasley Throws Down Two-Handed Reverse Dunk (Video)

58 WR Cole Beasley Throws Down Two-Handed Dunk

If you’re going to be a 5’8″ NFL wide receiver, you’re going to need the ability to make yourself a bigger target to compete. You can do that with strength, or you can do that with the ability to jump really, really high. Cole Beasley of the Dallas Cowboys showed he excels in the latter by throwing down a nasty two-handed dunk in this video:

Oh, and it’s a reverse dunk. In case you were doubting his abilities.

@OBJ_3 had his so it’s only right to put one of mine up. #cowboysgiantsrivalry

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Nicely done, Cole. I suppose it’s easier to do the self alley-oop thing than it is to jump with the ball in your hands, but nothing will diminish this achievement for Cole Beasley. He may be 5’8″, but he carries himself like a damn viking.

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