JJ Watt Will Announce Your Pregnancy on Twitter (Pic)

J.J. Watt

While Rob Gronkowski and JJ Watt seem like very different people, they sure do have a lot in common when it comes to doing weird stuff in the off-season.

Though, Gronk is more into partying and doing Dunkin’ Donuts commercials, while Watt tends to do more wholesome stuff, like Terminator impressions and pregnancy announcements via social media.

Oh, I’m sorry. That last one may be a surprise to you. Yup. A law clerk in Texas asked JJ Watt to notify her husband that she was pregnant. Not only did J.J. oblige, but he seemed pretty psyched to do so:

Kind of a cool move by Watt, and a big congratulations to Steve Burke and his wife, who for some reason used her boss’s (Don Willett) Twitter account to make this happen. They’re free accounts, Mrs. Steve Burke!

I wonder what other things JJ Watt will do? Divorce papers? Medical test results? College admissions? This could be a VERY lucrative side gig for the Texans defensive star. He could even report big events on the nightly news, so long as he uses that face!

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