Petition to Replace Kanye West at Pan Am Closing Ceremonies Has Over 40,000 Signatures

Kanye West Pan Am Petition

Kanye West.  You either love him, or you hate him.

With a population of 2,615,000, I’m not sure how many Torontonians love Kanye, but I do know that at least 42,000 hate him.  I make that assumption based on the over-42,000 signatures that a recent petition received, which aims at banning Kanye West from performing at the Pan Am closing ceremonies in Toronto on July 26.

Here’s a look at the statement accompanying the petition:

The Toronto Pan Am games have proven to be very important for Torontonians this year and have triggered a unified sense of pride in our city. It would only be just to ask a proud Torontonian (or even a Canadian for that matter) in the music industry to perform, such as Drake, Walk Off The Earth, Feist, Metric, Shania Twain, deadmau5, Crystal Castles, Zeds Dead, The Weeknd, Peaches, K’naan, and many many more! The options for Toronto artists are far from limited and choosing someone like Kanye West raises several concerns among the people. Why was a local artist or group not chosen and supported, just as our local athletes are throughout the games?

Toronto Pan Am Games organizing committee please reconsider your decision as we will NOT be attending Kanye West’s show.

Does this sound like something you’d like to get behind?  If so, you can sign the petition at  Or you can visit the site and start another petition banning Pitbull from playing at the same event. (Yes, Pitbull is scheduled to play at the closing ceremonies as well.  WTF, Pan Am Organizers?!?!)

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