Riley Curry Left In Awe As Dad Steph Wins Kids Choice Award (Video)

Riley Curry

It might be the offseason, where there aren’t any press conferences for her to take over, but that doesn’t mean that Riley Curry is going to rest on her laurels. The NBA’s Most Valuable Baby was in attendance with her dad, Steph, at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports awards, and she had quite a reaction to her dad winning “Most Clutch Athlete.”

i mean, look at that face. You can’t fake that kind of surprise.

Though I’m sure Riley is a pretty self-aware baby, I think her reaction may have had more to do with the flashing lights and applause than the pride of her father winning an award.

Steph also took home “Best Male Athlete” just the day after he won the same award at the ESPYs. And just so you think Steph didn’t hog all that glory for himself, he brought Riley up on stage to share in the victory:

It’s only a matter of time before Steph starts playing with her on the court to really up her visibility. She may be young, but I think she could set a mean pick if she needed to. 

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