Tyrann Mathieu Takes a Hot Car Challenge for a PETA PSA (Video)

Tyrann Mathieu

It looks like things are heading in the opposite direction from the ice bucket challenge that we were subjected to a year ago.

This time around, we’ve got Tyrann Mathieu sitting in a hot car to show the effect it can have on unsupervised pets. I would imagine the Cardinals defensive back is about as tough as they come, and even he has a hard time staying inside theĀ parked car. Granted, not every climate is as hot as an Arizona summer, but it does help drive the point home.

Here’s the video. Bring a damp towel.

After eight minutes, the inside of the car went from 90 degrees to 120. We see Tyrann sweating profusely, but remember that most pups don’t sweat, so they’re not capable of lowering their body temperature that way.

All in all, a pretty effective message. I just hope this phenomenon doesn’t go viral so social media gets clogged with hot car challenges from all of ourĀ favorite celebrities and athletes.

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