Fan Throws Urine at Tour de France Leader Chris Froome

Fan Urine Chris Froome

With an insurmountable 3 minute, 10 second lead through 15 stages of the Tour de France, and an especially dominant performance through the mountain stages, many have already labelled Great Britain’s Chris Froome a doper and a cheater.  This all in spite of the fact that Froome has never tested positive for performance enhancing drugs, and he’s even announced that he will undergo independent testing following the Tour de France in order to silence the doubters.

Froome insists he is clean, but due to the Tour’s tainted history, anytime a rider puts forth a performance as dominant has his 2015 campaign has been thus far, questions will be raised, and urine will be thrown…

Yeah, you heard me.  Urine will be throw!  At least, that’s what Froome is claiming.  During stage 14 of the race on Saturday, the 2013 champion said a fan hurled a cup of urine at him while yelling, “Doper!”

Following the stage, which was won by fellow Brit Stephen Cummings, Froome referred to the act as “unacceptable,” saying, “This is the legacy that has been handed to us.”

Translation: “Thanks a lot, Lance Armstrong!”

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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