DeflateGate Football Sells for Almost $44,000

DeflateGate football sold auction

How much would you pay for the famous (infamous?) under-inflated football that Tom Brady used to dismantle the Indianapolis Colts in this year’s AFC Championship Game? ¬†If your answer to that question is $44,000 or higher, I’d hate to be the one to tell you that you missed out on a fantastic opportunity to own this popular piece of memorabilia, as it was sold by the auction house on Saturday for a price of $43,740.

The ball is said to be the only DeflateGate football available for public purchase. It was being sold by a woman named¬†Laura Nichols, who was given the ball by Patriots wide receiver Brandon LaFell following LeGarrette Blount‘s third quarter touchdown during that game.

Last month, chairman Joshua Evans said he believed the ball could sell for as high as $100,000. Unfortunately for Laura Nichols, it didn’t even reach the halfway mark of Evans’ prediction, but it did still earn her a hefty sum.

For a ball that was handed to her for free, I’d say Nichols did pretty well for herself.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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