The Arnie and J.J. Watt Bromance Continues with a Workout (Video)

Arnie and J.j. watt

Arnie and J.J. Watt seem to have really hit it off since J.J. Watt showed the Governator his impression of him at the CMT Awards. Now, it seems that they’re heading back to Arnold’s home gym late at night to do some squats together in non-workout clothes.

Nope. Nothing weird about that at all. Just two guys who recently met, working out together really late at night and taping it.

Apparently, Arnie challenged Watt to do 50 squats on his rack, but J.J. Watt knocked out 51. Schwarzenegger’s response?

“Watch out, quarterbacks.” That’s not a very timely warning, considering the havoc Watt has wreaked over the past few years, but who knows. Maybe Arnold isn’t up on his NFL.

Here’s the weird video:

#terminatormode, indeed.

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