Some Groupie Really Wants the World to See Her Allen Iverson Dong Pics

allen iverson dong pics

Apparently some basketball groupie is trying to get revenge on Allen Iverson by posting some Allen Iverson dong pics over on The Shade Room’s “Roommate Talk” section.

Why does said groupie want revenge? Did he bump and run? Was he a jerk to her sister? Nope. She wanted revenge because Iverson’s “friend below the belt” was not an “anaconda.”

Seriously. Here’s her explanation:

Dear TSR,

I have some “small” tea I need to share with you and when I say small I’m talking about Allen Iverson’s friend below the belt! Petty I know LOL!! But anyways he came home to VA this past weekend and I saw him at a birthday bash at Club Rays in Newport News. Welp the party got a little wild and I caught Allen ALLLLLL the way slipping !! He had way too many drinks and decided to take the party back to his room. I guess he thought he was going to get some azz…. He Thought!! When I took one look at that noodle and saw that it was bite size, I said Oh Hell No! His money ain’t the only thing hoping it could reach longevity smh! All I know is this motherf*cker is going to learn today!

As you can see I didn’t have to cover much !!


T. “I Only Mess With Anacondas” Jones

First it was Tinder chicks bragging about “dating” football players. Now we’ve got “I Only Mess With Anacondas” Jones trying to embarrass Allen Iverson for no reason other than she was unsatisfied with the goods.

What the hell is this world coming to? Can’t people get it on without putting it all over the internet?

Go check out the photos for yourself if you really want to. The tattoos definitely match, but Iverson’s alleged dong is blacked out if that’s what you’re really eager to see.

Hat Tip – [BSO]

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