Lax Goalie Gets Decked on a Clear, a Brawl Ensues (Video)

lax goalie

An indoor lacrosse game turned into a Royal Rumble over the weekend as a lax goalie, attempting to clear the ball, was leveled by an opposing attacker. You may have missed this game, unless you happen to be a big fan of the New Westminster Salmonbellies or the Coquitlam Adanacs.

The lax goalie gets taken out in his clearing attempt, and while it’s certainly a penalty, it’s not a crime or anything. But madness ensues, and rather than just seeing one large fight, several micro-brawls break out, leaving the cameraman wondering where to focus his attention.

Fortunately, there’s no bad fight in the bunch. Take a look:

It’s a shame that there was literally no one in the crowd to see the fight. That’s one empty arena.

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