Dude in Suit Makes It Rain on FIFA President Sepp Blatter (Video)

Sepp Blatter make it rain

Today, during a FIFA press conference, it was announced that a presidential election would be held on February 26, 2016, in order to find a replacement for the resigning Sepp Blatter. That’s a whole nine months after the despised head of soccer’s governing body said he was calling it quits.

It sucks that Blatter has been able to hold onto his position for this long, and the fact that it won’t be another seven months until he is gone for good sucks even more.  But as long as Blatter is still around, we may as well do whatever we can to make life difficult for the evil sports villain.

That seems to be the objective of this dude in a suit who crashed FIFA’s press conference in order to give a brief statement before making it rain all over Sepp Blatter.

Check it out—and while doing so, think of what you can do to make things miserable for Blatter during the remainder of his tenure:

Hat Tip – [Vine]

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