Volleyball Player Saves Point with Last-Ditch ‘Scorpion Kick’ (Video)

volleyball player

The Pan-Am games are underway in Toronto, and while there isn’t a lot to discuss, considering it’s only a handful of nations competing, there was one pretty great highlight from the Canada-Mexico men’s volleyball game. A dug spike careened off a Canadian volleyball player and went into the stratosphere, leaving another Canadian player chasing it.

He was able to get there, but only far enough to throw a leg out and kick the ball back to his team.

Well, that counts, and Canada was not only able to return the ball, but win the point after a pretty crazy back-and-forth following that play.

Here’s the video:

The kicking player was Steve Marshall, and though a lot of players helped Canada win that point, I think it’s safe to say that he was the volleyball player who should get the most credit for turning it around.

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