Colombian Soccer Player Celebrates Goal by Proposing to Girlfriend (Video)

colombian soccer player proposal celebration

I’m guessing for most Colombian players it’s tough to top the feeling of scoring a goal at the professional level in the soccer-crazy country. However, Martin Arzuaga, a Colombian soccer player, may have found a way. After tallying up a goal, he took a decidedly more romantic tact with his celebration and proposed to his girlfriend. 

Making the gesture somewhat less romantic was the fact that she wasn’t actually with him, but he just took a handkerchief with the request scrawled on it and flashed it at to the camera. I would think he’d at least want to be there when she says “yes.” Or maybe this is ALL ABOUT ATTENTION.

(I doubt it is, but that’s still pretty weird.)

Here’s the video:

I hope we can report whether she said yes or no sometime soon.

Hat Tip – [Extra Mustard]

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