Oh, Good! Dwyane Wade’s Making Wine Now!

Dwyane Wade

In case you were wondering what fading star Dwyane Wade is doing with his offseason, we can help with that.

The Miami Heat guard, during a tour of China, announced that he’s starting his own wine label, called simply, “Wade.” I’m hoping somewhere that Wade Boggs is kicking himself for not getting dibs on that name when he had the chance.

Wade follows athletes Yao Ming and Drew Bledsoe into the winemaking game. ¬†Of course, he’s likely just licensing his name to an existing vineyard, so there’s no reason to think he’ll have playoff conflicts harvesting grapes or anything.

We’re still waiting on the announcement of what the varietals are and where the wine is going to be sold. It’s unclear from the Instagram pic below if it’s a Chinese product, or just being announced there.

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