Keith Hernandez Got Loopy During the Mets’ 18-Inning Game (Video)

Keith Hernandez

It’s easy to take for granted, but the fact is that baseball announcers are just doing their job like everyone else. So when a game goes into extra innings, like, EIGHTEEN extra innings as the Mets-Cardinals game did on Sunday, you have to understand that Mets announcer Keith Hernandez would be a little miffed for having to put in two day’s work for one measly regular season baseball game.

At least, I hope you would understand. Because towards the end of the game, Hernandez was like a gradeschooler waiting for the bell to ring. He was lamenting his missed flight, how tired he was, and everything else. It was pretty fantastic.

I mean, he could have been one of those crazy old-timers who was talking about how this is what baseball is all about, and how the fans are really getting their money’s worth. But instead, he did this:

It’s easy to forget that Keith Hernandez can’t really get up and walk away. He was there for six hours while the Mets apparently went 1-for-21. That would drive anyone to complain.

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