NFL Rookies React to Their ‘Madden ’16’ Ratings (Video)

Madden '16

Most NFL rookies probably aren’t hurting for confidence—at least not the ones drafted in the first couple of rounds. Of course, that confidence may slowly get chipped away at as the pre-season starts and the training camp rituals remind them that they’re the low men on the totem pole. But to prepare them for that harsh reality, the makers of Madden ’16 thought they would surprise the rookies by having them guess their skill rankings in the video game.

Needless to say, it’s pretty entertaining. It helps that Madden ’16 only went after the top rookies. It wouldn’t be quite as fun to see an eighth-round long snapper find out that the video game designers don’t think he can block for crap.

Take a look:

It’s no surprise that, for the most part, these guys are pretty shocked that they’re not grouped among the NFL’s elite just yet. The good news is, they have their whole careers to prove Madden ’16 wrong.


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