Tom Brady Says ‘Happy Birthday to Gisele with a Goofy Face (Pic)


If you needed another piece of evidence suggesting that Tom Brady has an amazing life, may I suggest this fun photo? The Patriots QB posted this picture on Monday of him and his supermodel wife kissing in honor of her 35th birthday.  Well, she was kissing him. He was making a ridiculously funny face.

It’s pretty cute, especially coming from Brady, who comes across as a little stiff through TV and interviews, but seems to have a pretty funny side about him on social media.

Tom Brady Happy Birthday Gisele

I have no idea if they’re currently skiing in South America—where the seasons are all mixed-up—or if this is just a really old photo. Frankly, I’m surprised that Tom Brady is allowed to (or allows himself to) ski at all.

Maybe some cross-country skiing with Gisele to look at wildlife, but no downhill. We need those knees for fall, Tom.

Hat Tip – [Facebook]

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