Drill Sergeant Goes Viral After Calling Overweight People “Repulsive and Disgusting” (Video)

drill sergeant calls overweight people repulsive and disgusting

John Burk calls himself a “fitness motivator,” but he might as well call himself a fitness drill sergeant. That, after all, is the approach the United States army veteran takes to getting people in shape.

On July 20, Burk posted a video on his Facebook page ranting about the so-called “bullshit excuses” people make for why they are overweight. In it he says overweight people are “repulsive and disgusting,” and anyone who says overweight people should be accepted for who they are because “everyone is beautiful” is an enabler.

“Your personality might be beautiful,” Burk says, “but your body is not. It is not OK to be overweight.”

Burk goes on to address the issues of childhood obesity and bullying, and he concedes that there are some people who do have legitimate medical reasons for being overweight that they cannot help.

At time of writing, that video now has over 7 million views—over 3 million on Burk’s page, and over 4 million on another page.

Take a look:

Motivation rant: welcome to the revolution, and why I do what I do. There’s a better life out there for us all. My goal…

Posted by John Burk, fitness motivator on Monday, July 20, 2015


The folks over at BuzzFeed News reached out to Burk to see if he had anything he’d like to add. Not surprisingly, he didn’t back down from his rant.

“The soft and tender-hearted approach works for some,” he told BuzzFeed, “but after having trained soldiers for over 12 years now, I know what works best: blunt, in-your-face truth that slaps you so hard that it forces you to step back and start self-analyzing to see if there’s any validity in what you’ve just been told.”

So what do you think, internet: too harsh, or too accurate?

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