Gronk and Papi Are Still Putting Out Music for Dunkin’ Donuts (Video)

Gronk and Papi

Gronk and Papi are likely on their third or fourth attempt at a musical collaboration for Dunkin’ Donuts. The bad news is that it hasn’t gotten any better. It may have actually gotten worse. However, the good news is that both they and the brand seem to have become more self-aware, so the videos are even more ridiculous.

This time around, the duo gives us some smooth Latin rhythms to move to. Check it out:

Papi goes on in Spanish, and for the non-bilingual, Rob Gronkowski clears things up with the interruption, “It’s a love song. About iced coffee.” So that everyone’s up to speed.

Then, one more time, after an Ortiz verse, we get Gronk’s update, “That was a love song. About iced coffee. In Spanish.”

And that’s that. Gronk summed it up nicely for us.

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