Check Out the Awesome Indiana Pacers Hickory Uniforms Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of “Hoosiers” (Pic)

indiana pacers hickory uniforms commemorate 30th anniversary of hoosiers

There is no definitive ranking of the greatest sports movies of all time. However, a quick scan of Google results suggests that most people agree the underdog classic Hoosiers belongs in the top five. And if you are one of those people, you will probably enjoy this piece of news.

On Tuesday, the Indiana Pacers announced that they are teaming up with MGM Studios to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Hoosiers, which debuted in 1986.

How? With special edition Indiana Pacers Hickory uniforms that will be worn in select games during the 2015-16 regular season as part of the NBA Pride Collection.

Appropriately enough, the Pacers had Indiana native George Hill model the new unis and help spread the word.

Meanwhile, here’s a snippet from the team’s official press release.

“The Hickory uniforms is a tribute to the rich tradition of basketball in the State of Indiana and will serve as inspiration to fans everywhere that no matter how improbably the challenge may be, amazing things can be accomplished through teamwork, determination, heart, and hustle.”

I don’t know if the uniforms will serve as “inspiration” to “fans everywhere.” But the part about the “tribute to the rich basketball tradition” is pretty solid. I know if I were a Pacers fan, I’d have already signed up for the #HickoryPacers gear email updates. These hickory uniforms are pretty awesome.

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