John Cena Teams with Make-A-Wish to Make Adorable 7-Year-Old’s Dreams Come True (Video)

john cena maka-a-wish kid

If that John Cena Footlocker commercial wasn’t enough to make him your favorite professional wrestler, this video will probably do it.

On June 29, Cena and the Make-A-Wish Foundation teamed up to give an adorable seven-year-old named K.J. the greatest day of his life.

Born with one kidney that didn’t work at all and another that only functioned at 40%, K.J. faced major health problems from the day he was born. At the age of six, things got so bad that he had to go on dialysis while waiting for a kidney transplant.

After over a year of waiting, K.J.’s name finally came up and he got the new kidney he needed. But that’s some pretty serious surgery for a seven-year-old. The kid was definitely do for a special treat to take his mind of his constant health concerns.

John Cena, the WWE, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation stepped up big time. They gave K.J. front row seats to the June 29 taping of Monday Night RAW and flew him and his mom to Washington D.C., where he got to hang out with Cena backstage and actually make an appearance with him in the ring.

Take a look:

Like I said, if John Cena wasn’t your favorite WWE wrestler before, he probably is now.

Hat Tip — [Bleacher Report]

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