Jordan Spieth Lost the Open, Drank From the Jug Anyway (Pic)

Jordan Spieth

I don’t care how proper British golf is, the rules will never be a match for a 21-year-old’s lust for alcohol.

Zach Johnson may have won the British Open, but he gave a little love to his also-ran buddy, Jordan Spieth. (Keep your eye on him, he’s poised for big things.) They flew back Stateside on a private jet, and Jordan Spieth drowned his sorrows by partaking in some mystery fluid from the champion’s vessel, the Claret Jug.

Here’s the Tweeted picture of the goings-on:

That’s awesome. If you’re going to lose, lose in style—by drinking alcohol out of the winner’s trophy while dressed like a college sophomore (which he pretty much is) on a private jet.

The million-dollar question is “What’s in the jug?” It could be some really excellent scotch that some caddie suggested, or it could be a giant buttery nipple shot that he had the in-flight bartender make, but I’m going to make my final guess Four Loko. The old kind that was laced with speed that was banned like six years ago. I bet they swung by Amsterdam or Ukraine and picked some up.


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