EA Sports Burns Seahawks Over Marshawn Lynch Madden Rating

Marshawn Lynch Madden Rating

On Tuesday, EA Sports released the Madden 16 ratings for the NFL’s top running backs.  Leading the way is Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch with a 96, but there is one issue with Beast Mode’s rating that seemed to irk the Seahawks:

First, EA Sports’ Tweet about Lynch’s rating:

And here’s what the Seahawks thought about it:

I must admit, whoever runs the Seattle Seahawks Twitter account has a point.  You’d think Beast Mode’s trucking ability would easily be a 99—after all, you don’t earn the nickname “Beast Mode”without running over your fair share of opponents.

So what could Lynch have done to earn a 99 rating for his “trucking” ability?  Nothing, really.  But according to the Madden 16 Twitter account, there is something that the Seahawks could have done to up their running back’s rating:

Looks like the Seahawks just got got:

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