Minor Leaguer Really Wants Ronda Rousey to Attend a Game (Pic)

Rhonda Rousey

Cubs minor league player Anthony Giansanti has been, uh, “courting” MMA star Ronda Rousey by leaving her a single ticket under his name at all AAA Iowa Cubs home games. So far, he hasn’t gotten any feedback good, bad, or otherwise from the star, but that won’t keep him from continuing to try.

Giansanti said it started as a joke but said, “if it works, that’s hilarious. I’ll gladly meet her.” 

Uh-huh. A “joke.” Not an obsession. At all.

Here’s a Tweet from him showing a not-at-all-convincing ledger where he keeps her as his +1 for home games, apparently.

An MMA site had Ronda Rousey’s mom’s reply, which seems like the ultimate cold shoulder, but Giansanti won’t be discouraged.

Man, oh man. Let’s hope this works out for everyone involved. Somehow.

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