Blackhawks Legend Denis Savard Tells Story About That Time Patrick Kane Got Distracted by Taylor Swift and Gave Up a Goal

patrick kane got distracted by taylor swift

Today the Chicago Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane is a mature 26-year-old with a steady girlfriend. But it wasn’t all that long ago that the three-time Stanley Cup winner was an untamed party animal with a penchant for binge drinking, shirtlessness, and chasing after hot chicks.

One of the hot chicks Kane apparently chased after? None other than Taylor Swift.

Over the weekend the Blackhawks held their annual fan convention. During a panel featuring Kane and his former coach, Hawks legend Denis Savard, the latter told a story about the time Patrick Kane got distracted by Taylor Swift, lost his focus, and gave up a goal.

Here’s the story, as relayed by Liz McNeill of Second City Hockey:

“Another, rather topical story: rookie Kane lost his guy on the backcheck, leading to a goal against. Savard yelled at him that he must have been distracted, looking at two pretty blonde girls who were sitting behind the bench. After the game Kane was late getting to the team bus because he was talking to the same girls and got yelled at again. The next day Kane went to Savard’s office to give his defense: ‘You know who the two girls were? One of them was Taylor Swift.’ Savard still didn’t know who Taylor Swift was and had to ask his wife.”

In case you were wondering, this would have been during the 2007-08 season. So Kane would have been about 19, and Taylor Swift would have been about 18.

It’s a shame the two never actually dated, though. Patrick Kane would have made an amazing subject for a Taylor Swift breakup song.

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