Three Year-Old Nails Skateboard Trick, To His Dad’s Delight (Video)

skateboard trick

I feel like anything I write here will just detract from the awesomeness of this video.

This video, in which a three year-old boy hits a simple enough skateboard trick (flipping the board right-side-up and landing on it), isn’t awesome because the trick is great. It’s not a great trick. It’s awesome because it highlights one of the best things about sports.

There’s an excited dad who can’t wait to get to experience the pride of seeing his son succeed, and a kid who just wants to have fun and, presumably, make his dad happy by nailing a skateboard trick.

I don’t know which is better: the look on the kid’s face or the dad’s face. ┬áBut the whole thing is pretty great.

This kid may have a bright future as a skateboarder, but he probably won’t. He’ll probably do something else. But hopefully he remembers these two days of skateboarding with his dad.

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