Duke’s Brandon Ingram Can Jump Really, Really High (Video)

Brandon Ingram

It seems that videos showing off basketball players’ vertical leaps are now a thing, as this Brandon Ingram video demonstrates. The Duke forward is 6’8, 200 pounds, but can JUMP. It’s a little hard to get a sense of the scale of the jump due to the slow motion B.S. set to rap music, but it still should give you an idea. He’s likely almost two feet above the rim. That’s Clyde Drexler territory, right there.

Rather than have all these videos come out piecemeal, why doesn’t college basketball get all the hotshot players, including Brandon Ingram, and just have a dunk contest where they keep raising the hoop until one player can dunk on the highest rim twice (to prove it’s not a fluke).

Who wouldn’t watch that?

WOW @b_ingram13 up there in the ☁️☁️☁️☁️

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