Elderly Cards Fan Likes Busch Stadium Bathrooms Because of the Drugs (Video)

Cards Fan Drugs Bathroom

Pick your favorite stadium in all of Major League Baseball.  What makes it so special to you?  Is it the history?  The food vendors?  The beer?  The atmosphere?

Any of those would be considered acceptable answers.  You know what’s not an acceptable answer though?  Saying you like the stadium because the bathrooms offer drugs.  But that didn’t stop one elderly female Cards fan from listing the bathroom as being her favorite thing about Busch Stadium during an interview in the fifth inning of today’s game against the Royals.

And when she was asked why she chose the bathrooms over the food, she dropped this gem on us:

“Well, there’s drugs in the bathroom.”

Wow! Really? I wouldn’t be surprised if this results in a sudden spike in attendance and bathroom lines at Cardinals games going forward.

You can watch the entire interview, in all of its crazy awkwardness, below:

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