Dez Bryant Is Not Happy About His Madden 16 Speed Rating

Dez Bryant Madden 16 speed rating

Today, EA Sports released the ratings for the top five wide receivers in the upcoming Madden 16 video game.

Coming in at No. 2, behind the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Antonio Brown (97 overall rating), is the Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant with an overall rating of 96.  Sure, everyone wants to be No. 1, but you’d think it would be hard for Dez to complain about his rating, which is better than several other great wide receivers, including Demaryius Thomas, Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones and Odell Beckham.

Think again.

After learning that his speed rating is just 89, Dez Bryant Tweeted the following to the EA Sports Madden NFL account (which has since been deleted):

Dez Bryant Tweet Madden 16 Speed Rating

His speed rating isn’t the only thing he thinks Madden 16 got wrong, either:

Perhaps EA Sports should consider getting the players involved in the process of coming up with next year’s ratings. After all, who better to determine a player’s speed than the men who are actually on the field playing against them?

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