Watch This Hot DuJour Reporter Flirt With Rob Gronkowski (Video)

Hot DuJour Reporter Jordan Duffy - Flirt With Gronk

Rob Gronkowski recently took part in a photo shoot and interview with DuJour Magazine, which included some shots of Gronk on the beach with hot babes, along with a little story about the Patriots tight end’s steakhouse dinner with DuJour writer Lindsay Silberman.

It may be worth a look/read (and you can check it out here), but we’re not really interested in any of that.  What we are interested in is Gronk’s appearance at the ensuing red carpet event by DuJour — which they were appropriately calling “#DuJourGetsGronked.”

More specifically, we’re interested in Gronk’s red carpet interview with hot DuJour reporter Jordan Duffy, who was seemingly unable to contain her desire to get herself a piece of the 265-pound Pro Bowler.

Usually it’s Gronk making the advances on the reporters, so we would definitely like to applaud Duffy for flipping the script here.

Watch, and continue to wonder how amazing it must be to be Rob Gronkowski:

“DuJour Gets Gronked” just took on a whole new meaning.

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