Leeds United and Eintracht Frankfurt Fans Brawl During Preseason Friendly (Video + Pics)

leeds united and eintracht frankfurt fans brawl

Officially, the soccer preseason exists so players can get back into shape. But don’t tell that to the hooligans. They think the preseason exists so they can iron out the kinks in their punching, kicking, and debris-throwing mechanics.

Just look at what happened in Austria on Tuesday. During a friendly between Leeds United and Eintracht Frankfurt, things got pretty ugly when the teams’ fans had seen enough kicking and dribbling and decided they were ready to rumble.

Take a look:

That’s certainly not the most horrifying thing we’ve seen at a soccer game. Obviously, the hooligans have not yet regained their brawling form.

However, it was still a very unpleasant sight. In all, about 25 fans—mostly Eintracht Frankfurt—were arrested. Meanwhile, three Leeds fans had to go to the hospital for treatment.

Fun times!

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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