Lionel Messi Criticized in Gabon for Dressing Too Casually to Meet the President (Pic)

lionel messi gabon criticism

What do Lionel Messi and Justin Bieber have in common? Both are the most talented men in the world at what they do!

Nah, I’m just messing with you. Bieber sucks. But he and Messi actually do have something in common. They’ve both been criticized for disrespecting heads of state by dressing too casually.

Back in 2012, Bieber got roasted for wearing overalls and a backwards cap to meet Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. This week, Messi was ripped a new one by the opposition party in Gabon for wearing distressed jean shorts and a t-shirt to meet Gabonese President Ali Bongo Ondimba and lay the ceremonial first brick in a new soccer stadium in the capital of Libreville.

And when I say ripped a new one, I mean ripped a new one. Check out their statement:

“When you’re called Lionel Messi and you’re a multi-billionaire, you don’t have the right to present yourself to officials of a republic, even a banana one, with your hands in the pockets of a ripped, tattered pair of shorts.

“Gabon isn’t a zoo. We don’t know what the Argentine came to Gabon for, but we at least have the right to denounce his negligence and his lack of respect for standards and principles. We are uneasy with Messi’s attitude and his attire. Only for these reasons, linked to respect for the host country, do we condemn the footballer’s indelicateness, to say the least!”

Look, I get it. Messi committed a faux-pas. He should have dressed nicer. But holy sh*t guys, take it easy. You’re basically calling the guy a racist, which seems a little harsh.

Note to self: always dress up when meeting the President of Gabon.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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