Reds Fan Runs Onto Field, Escapes Over Outfield Fence (Videos)

Reds Fan Great Escape

Over the years, we’ve brought you plenty of clips featuring people running onto a baseball field and disrupting play.  Many of those clips end in the same way—with security tackling the intruder and dragging them away.  But every once in a while we’re treated to a great escape.

It happened a couple of years ago during an Astros game at Minute Maid Park, and we witnessed it once again tonight, thanks to this speedy Reds fan who couldn’t be stopped by security at the Great American Ball Park.

We’ll start with his on-field performance, which wasn’t all that impressive.  Check it out:

Did they give their security the day off?  There’s not an officer in sight!

That was the easy part.  The dude’s most impressive work comes after he jumps the wall, as one spectator was able to capture footage of him making a sprint through the seats, past a couple of surprised security guards, and off into the concourse.


At this point, I guess we can only assume that this dude got away scot-free.

Here’s a first-person account of the great escape:

And finally, a news report on the incident:

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