Stars Beaned, Bats Flipped, Gum Thrown, Benches Cleared During Padres-Giants Game (Video)

padres-giants benches clear

I love the National League West. It’s got to be the most heated division in baseball. The Giants, Padres, and Diamondbacks all hate the Dodgers, and vice versa. Now the Padres and Giants have a little thing going, too.

The only team that can’t seem to develop any bad blood with its divisional rivals are the Rockies…because they’re the Rockies. But four out of five ain’t bad.

Back to this Padres-Giants rivalry, though. Things got pretty chippy between these two teams on Tuesday night.

It all started when Matt Kemp got hit on the forearm on a pitch high and inside with the Giants up 5-0 in the fourth. It was obviously an accident, but teams always take it personally when their best hitter gets plunked like that. So tensions were already high when career .243/.275/.333 hitter Hector Sanchez hit a bases-loaded bomb off Dale Thayer in the top of the sixth and flipped his bat like he was hot sh*t. And tensions got even higher when Thayer threw his gum at Sanchez as he rounded the bases.

However, the last straw came in the ninth, when the Padres’ Shawn Kelly threw way inside to Sanchez. He didn’t hit him, but after Sanchez grounded out to first a few pitches later, he had some words for Kelly. And the benches cleared.

Take a look:

Hopefully this is only a taste of things to come. Baseball is so much more entertaining when the teams hate each other.

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