Straight Outta Cooperstown Tumblr Mashes Up Baseball and Rap Legends, Is Amazing (Gallery)

straight outta cooperstown tumblr

It might not seem like baseball and hip hop would mix well. Baseball can be so uptight and codgery with all its “unwritten rules.” Hip hop is young and fresh and irreverent.

Of course, the two aren’t really that discordant. Rap songs are loaded with baseball references and analogies, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a rapper whose signature look didn’t include a baseball cap at one point. So there’s actually a lot of overlap.

But like I said, baseball and hip hop seem like an odd couple, which is probably why this new tubmlr called “Straight Outta Cooperstown” is so damn good. It takes the faces of rap legends and puts them on old school baseball cards, mashing up the names.

In all honesty, it’s probably the best thing you’ll see on the internet all week

Here’s a sample:

My personal favorite is Lou Brock Shakur, but I’m also partial to Kendrick Lamolitor and Mystikal Ripken.

Want to see more? Go check out You will not regret it.

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