Amy Schumer Jokes About John Cena Sex Scene: “He Was Actually Inside Me” (Video)

amy schumer john cena sex scene

According to WWE superstar John Cena, he initially didn’t tell his girlfriend, Nikki Bella, about the big sex scene with Amy Schumer in Trainwreck. So when she found out she was pretty mad. And Cena didn’t blame her.

“Nicole had every right to be mad because I should have told her from the beginning,” he told Fox 411. “A relationship is based on communication.”

Hopefully Cena and Bella have since worked out all their trust issues. If not, the interview Schumer recently did with Australian talk show The Project probably won’t help Cena’s cause.

Why? Because in that interview, Schumer discussed the John Cena sex scene and claimed that there was nothing fake about it.

Take a look:

Obviously Schumer was just joking. She didn’t really have sex with John Cena on camera. She was just trying to make the hosts as uncomfortable as possible, and judging from their ill-fated attempts to clean things up, I’d say her mission was accomplished.

But like I said, if by some chance Nikki wasn’t over the whole sex scene thing yet, she’s probably not laughing at this.

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible]

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