Bryce Harper Turns Down Prom Invite In Gentlemanly Fashion (Pic)

Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper is a busy guy, but he didn’t let that excuse keep him from politely declining a prom invite from a Nationals fan at a game. The girl held up a sign asking Bryce Harper to join her at prom. Bryce passed, but offered the girl a signed ball with “I hope you have a blast and enjoy it!”

Not a bad consolation prize. Most people just get their feelings hurt. Although, most people don’t ask for dates in front of tens of thousands of other fans and TV crews via posterboard. She was rolling the dice, and while she didn’t win, she didn’t crap out, either.

Here’s her Instagram post:

When @bharper3407 can’t make it to your prom, but still wants you to have a blast!

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