Lingerie Football Players Celebrate TD with Martinis (Video)

Lingerie football

As if the name the “Lingerie Football League” didn’t tell you how much respect this league deserves, maybe this video will help you out. Several months back, a player for the LFL shotgunned a beer in celebration of a TD. It was all very staged and a little interesting. Well, now the celebrations seem to be getting more coordinated and sophisticated with…martinis.

Yup. After a player (doesn’t matter which one) scored a touchdown, the camera cut to a huddle of players all around someone (a coach?) pouring martinis out of a shaker. He spilled them everywhere, and the players couldn’t even drink them with their facemasks. The whole thing was about as sensical and practical as the Lingerie Football League itself. So, to that end, it was perfectly appropriate.

(The whole thing looks like it was shot as a commercial, rather than a live moment, doesn’t it?)

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