Surfer Niccolo Porcella Suffers an Epic Wipeout at Teahupo’o (Video)

niccolo porcella

You don’t need to know much about surfing to know that the below video shows a pretty terrible wipeout. Let’s kick things off by saying that Niccolo Porcella, the surfer in the video, is doing fine and has no injuries—which is pretty remarkable, given the severity of this wipeout.

The surfer seems to be doing fine, when suddenly he eats it, getting pulled up to the top of the GIANT wave, which then comes crashing down. I’m not sure how severe the injuries can get from something like this, but I’m sure that bigger waves are more dangerous, and this is a pretty damn big wave.

The audio from someone near the camera just consists of a lot of “ooohs,” and then “oooooooohhhhhhs.” It would have been pretty funny if the accident in question hadn’t been so nasty-looking.

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