The Electronic Sports League Will Begin Testing For PEDs

Electronic Sports League

For those unfamiliar, the Electronic Sports League, the governing body over competitive video gaming, is an entity very much on the rise. And as the profile climbs, and competition becomes more fierce, the threat of performance-enhancing drugs becoming an epidemic in that league as well becomes more and more real.

For that reason, the ESL is beginning to explore a comprehensive drug testing program for its players. While many of the familiar treatments (steroids, HGH, blood doping) might not give an advantage, stimulants and anti-anxiety drugs or beta blockers could give some players a huge advantage over others.

The Vice President of Pro Gaming, James Lampkin, offered this to ESPN:

We’ve known for some time that performance-enhancing drugs could be a challenge that we’d eventually need to face. With the explosive growth of our events and industry, the stakes have gotten to a point where, just like traditional athletes, some have begun to look for that extra edge. With knowledge that there was likely active abuse of PEDs taking place, we immediately began serious discussions with top drug agencies for methods of prevention.

The testing will begin at the ESL One competition in Germany next month, with the cooperation of the National Anti-Doping Agency and the World Anti-Doping Agency.

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