CM Punk Exchanges Words With Fan Who Challenged Him at UFC Press Conference (Video)

CM Punk UFC Press Conference

On Friday, the UFC held a Q&A session for fans in Chicago ahead of their “UFC Fight Night” event on Saturday.  Among the fighters taking questions was former WWE star Phil Brooks, a.k.a. CM Punk.

What did we learn during this Q&A? Apparently, not everyone is convinced that the professional wrestler-turned-mixed martial artist is ready for the octagon.

The fan in question goes by the name Dillon Pousson, and he’s been after Punk for a while now, calling him out on Twitter in an attempt to book himself a fight with one of the UFC’s most intriguing names at the moment.  And on Friday, he decided to do some in-person campaigning when he attended the Q&A and asked the following questions:

He even brought Brooks’ sister into it!

It turns out that Pousson is actually an MMA fighter as well, so you can’t really blame the guy for trying to make a name for himself by trash-talking his way into a fight with a big-name fighter like CM Punk, but his plan seems to have backfired for the time being:

No fight with Punk, and now no gym to train in or team to train with. Perhaps he should have given this plan a little more thought before going through with it.

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