Bill Belichick Renamed His Boat from ‘V Rings’ to ‘VI Rings’ (Pics)

Bill Belichick

Of course, Bill Belichick has a boat. And if you’re lucky enough to afford such a luxury, you’re likely going to give it a vanity name, because that’s what people with boats do. So when the Pats won their most recent Super Bowl, it was time to update the boat’s name from “V Rings” to “VI Rings.” I’m sure if any cybersquatters see this, they might be scooping up the rights to VII Rings right now.

Bill Belichick’s boat is pretty funny, in that it’s not really a yacht or much of anything. It’s a dinky little boat that you’d use to go fishing or drinking to escape from your family. Which I’m sure is what Bill uses it for.

Here’s an Instagram post that has not only the boat, but a shirtless Belichick on the phone in the water and some hot girls:

It’s not all play … There’s some work involved too! #BoatNameChangeInProgress #V VI Rings

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Beautiful. Oh, yeah. The boat:

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