Boxer Cam Awesome (Yes) Gives an Awesome Interview (Video)

Cam Awesome

Cam Awesome may not have won his boxing match in the 91 kg division at the Pan Am Games this weekend, but he certainly deserves an award for post-fight interviews.

After taking the loss, he referred to himself often in the third person, dropping such gems as “Cam you keep up the good work,” and the hands-down best self-esteem building statement ever for a fighter – “Some people say you’re the Taylor Swift of boxing.”

I don’t know exactly what that means, but I love it.

Here’s the interview:

If this interview is any indication, Cam Awesome has the ability to rebound from this loss from a confidence standpoint and get back into the swing of things. Look forward to seeing him interviewed again in the future.

Hat Tip – [Mashable]

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