For a Decade, This Golf Course Pooper Has Been at Large

golf course pooper

It’s a serial pooper, folks. While the staff at your typical golf course has plenty of issues to deal with, getting plagued by someone pooping on the course for over a decade isn’t part of the job description.

The entire story is pretty terrific, if only because of this quote from the groundskeeper at the course, who has a theory of his own regarding the culprit. He claims, “the poos are too massive to be from a woman.”

That’s sexist, but probably true.

The Stavanger Golf Course has been plagued by a golf course pooper who’s been putting fecal matter and toilet paper (how hygenic!) in the course holes since 2005, with no end in sight, despite vigilant efforts to curb the behavior. The eminently quotable groundskeeper, Kenneth Tennfjord, also went on record as saying, “He poos only on weekdays. On weekends I have never found poo on the golf course.”

Bicycle tracks near the errant feces have led course officials to the conclusion that the perp arrives via bicycle, suggesting he travels something of a distance to do the nasty deed.

That’s about all of the info they have at the moment.  Got any leads?  Call the Stavanger Golf Course in Norway and ask to speak to Kenneth.

Hat Tip – [UPI]



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